From Wealth Creator...

From Muffins to  €śMillions €ť
Peter Sun €™s Story...
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From Wealth Creator...

From Muffins to  €śMillions €ť
Peter Sun €™s Story...
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From Muffins to  €śMillions €ť
Peter Sun €™s Story...

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Small Business Kits

      Rescue Kit


      Survival Kit

Packs - Combination Products

  Business Builder Pack

  Entrepreneurs Pack

  Success Pack



Quality can not be guaranteed.  Some information may not be current.  However, can still be a valuable insight into how some of the today €™s great marketers began!

Individual Products

  12 Steps To Business Excellence

  47 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Face, Brighten Up Your Day, And Have More Fun In Your Life

  A Collection of Winning Ads, Sales Letters, Articles and Testimonials

  A Special Report for Millennium Mail Order Seminar Participants

  Advertising Magic

  Business Success Made Easy

  Business Tools CD Rom

Consultants Pack

  Entrepreneurs Guide To Marketing

  From Muffins To Information Millions

  **How To Earn Up To $30,000 A Month With Low Budget Direct Mail Projects

  **How To Get Bigger Results With Your Telephone Directory Advertising

  How To Go From Zero To A Million Dollars And Beyond

  How To Make Maximum Profits In Minimum Time


  **How To Make Up To 127,000 Per Year As A Home-Based Consultant

  How To Sell More With Less Effort Using The Telephone

  How To Sell Your Business, House, Car Or Boat Faster And For More Money

  Killer Real Estate Ads

  Marketing Super Conference Videos And Transcripts

  **Marketing Strategies For Your Accounting Practice

  Millennium Mail Order Seminar

  More Customers

  Pathways To Success DVD

  Restaurant Marketing Made Easy

  Secrets Of Writing Headlines That Could Make You Rich

  Speakers Notes

  Selling The E-Guide 1 On 1 And Setting Phone Appointments

  "Why Get A Job When You Can Have Fun Making Money And Work From Home Doing Something You Love And Enjoy? €ť


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